Are you a modern-day Nostradamus?

Get together with between 2 -6 of your friends and do your best to predict the future.

Enter a duration of the game, between 6 – 12 months and wait and see how your selected answers unfold. Each time a question comes to fruition the player with the closes answer will score a point. You can easily track the time left and see the updated scoreboard within our web app. The winner will be the player with the most correct answers at the end of the selected duration.

Good luck.


Get together with a group of friends and compete for the correct answers to how 2022 will unfold.

We will ask you a range of multiple-choice questions about the future. All you have to do is select the right one. But be quick, when a player selects an answer it is no longer available.
You do however have the chance to persuade them to swap it. But only 10 seconds, so you will need to be quick and convincing.

Example question


Who will win in a boxing match between Hafthor Bjornsson (the mountain) and Eddie Hall (The Beast)? A. Eddie Hall with a knockout punch B. Hafthor Bjornsson after the judges decided C. Eddie Hall goes full beast mode and tiger uppercuts for the win D. The mountain crushes Eddie’s head like The Red Viper’s E. …

Future for us

We plan on intruding a gambling element into this game. Would you the contestant be interested in betting your fellow player on the outcome?

Should we add a gambling element into the game?
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